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Will I be tied into a contract?

No - there is no contract with AJSWebsites. You pay monthly and you can cancel at any time. Your cancellation request must be made within three working days before your next monthly payment is due so it can be processed and cancelled.


How much does it cost?

Our website design plans start from £15 per month. We have three different pay monthly plans to choose from with different features. You can go through each plan and decide which suits your requirements and also depends on what features you want on your website.


Is there really no setup fee?

Absolutely not - we don’t charge a set- up fee. Our work speaks for itself and the proof is in the pudding! As soon as you approve your sample website design we will start building your website as soon as the first monthly payment is received.


How do I pay?

It's very simple. When you sign up, you tell us how you would like to pay your monthly fee, ie, standing order via your bank account or Paypal. We will then arrange the details with you and set up a monthly payment for the set amount. (if you require an alternative way to pay, please contact us and let us know).


When do I start Paying the monthly fee

You start paying the monthly fee when you approve the website design sample we send you. Once you have approved and have made your first monthly payment we will then start to build your website.


What happens if my payment is late?

Late payments are assessed by circumstances. We may suspend your website for non-payment. If we suspend your website, a £50 re-activation fee will be applied to your account.


What exactly is included in the monthly fee?

Domain name, hosting, website design, text based logo (if required), SEO, submission to search engine, maintenance, support - each package has its own price band and features.


Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. You can use your own domain name - for example, www.yourdomainname.co.uk, if you're not sure how to go about this, contact us and we can advise you on the steps required.


What if I already have a domain?

If you do not need us to provide you with a new domain name you can transfer your domain name to us (transfer fee applies) and once transferred we’ll manage and renew your existing domain for you.


Will my site look the same as others in my field?

Not if you don't want it to - the framework of your website is just the basic look of the site. Each website is designed from your requirements. Your logo, text and pictures will make the site your own as well as any features you might require.


I don't have a logo for my business, can you design one for me?

Absolutely. Give us a rough idea of what you might like, colours, type etc and we can custom design a logo for your approval.


Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, with our pay monthly website plans you are free to cancel at any time. Just let us know by, giving us three days notice, that you wish to cancel and your monthly payments will stop immediately.


If I decide to cancel, can I take my website away with me?

If you want to cancel for whatever reason, please contact us and we can arrange for you to purchase the website outright. You can then use your own domain and hosting to manage your site yourself.


Do I need to provide content for my site?

Yes, as this is your business, all the content will be about your business and unique to you! If you require help with what to write on your website, you can contact us and we will endeavour to help.


What Kind Of Technology Do You Support?

HTML5, css, javascript, php, drupal, wordpress, joomla


How long will my website take to create?

Our average build time is 7-10 days. This varies depending on how complex your project is and how many pages you require. Remember, your website design is unique to you, so everything is coded to your requirements. This takes time, but you will be given an indication of timescale after you have approved your sample website design.


What does Desktop, PC, Mobile and Tablet ready mean?

With more clients viewing the web on mobile phones and tablets, it is imperative that your site can adjust to changing screen sizes and angle proportions. All our websites are responsive, meaning they will work on mobile, tablet and PC.


Can I upgrade my website later on?

Yes - If you have purchased one of our pay monthly websites and wish to upgrade at a later stage, just contact us and request an upgrade.